The legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins in one of his books mentions his first success, which was his commercials for carpet polishers. Previously, the manufacturer referre to the technical specification in advertisements, hoping that hard data would appeal to buyers. Hopkins notice that polishers were bought almost exclusively by housewives. The jargon didn’t appeal to them, and the technicalities were boring to them. Hopkins offere them floor polishers with a handle made of different types of colore wood and wrappe it with an interesting story about how a cargo of wood from sunny India sails straight to their homes.

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The color of the wood had no significance for the effectiveness of the product, but for the aesthetically focuse housewives it turne out to be crucial. This is how advertising psychology can work in practice. We recommend Marketing segmentation – what is worth Latest Mailing Database knowing about it? Neuromarketing and advertising psychology The psychology of advertising also uses neuromarketing. It is the knowlege of how stimuli affect the conscious and subconscious. It is base on the results of scientific research. Some of them reach very deep layers of the human psyche and surprise with their sophistication. Others describe the basics of how the human body functions – the dilation of the pupils at the sight of an attractive photo or the feeling of satisfaction felt along with a pleasant memory.

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We recommend Why does experience marketing work so well? The psychology of advertising allows you to use the connotations of color, smell or sound as sales support . Consumers’ emotions can also be influence by using specific words or EF Leads syntax that make them happy or, on the contrary, cause anxiety. The conversation about ethical boundaries in neuromarketing has been going on for a long time. Tech giants in particular are constantly shifting them, influencing customer behavior like never before. It is worth being aware of these rules, regardless of whether we intend to use them or not.

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