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The recruiter should prepare well for the interview. It is important for him to carefully analyze the candidate’s CV, check how he did on spee recruitment and learn the most important facts from his professional career. A list of questions that will allow you to get to know the candidate better, and at the same time improve the course of the meeting, may be helpful. The recruiter should describe the job position in detail and accurately present the terms and conditions of employment in the company. The recruitment meeting can be enriche with a test task.

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An interesting solution is the use of an Assessment Center, tasks that are similar to potential job duties in a new job – checking the candidate’s knowlege and qualifications. This is the stage of recruitment, when the best participants meet and whatsapp mobile number list perform 2-4 carefully prepare tasks (individually and in groups). The behavior of the candidates is monitore by a team of objective judges who assess their competences and professional potential. No matter what form of recruitment we choose, a good, friendly atmosphere of meetings is essential. The recruiter is oblige to say hello to the candidate, thank them for their interest in the offer, and offer them something to drink.

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The meeting should be held in a quiet place. The candidate should be informe when he/she will receive feeback on the progress of the recruitment process. The deadline shouldn’t be too far away. Feeback should be taken into account both in EF Leads the case of a positive and negative consideration of the candidature. A professional approach to recruitment will put the company in a good light. Candidates will look favorably at the potential employer and will want to establish cooperation with him. Seasonality of sales – support or obstacle in running a business? February 1, 2021 Seasonality of sales has always existe. Today, however, companies must show profits throughout the year and pay all fees regularly.

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