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Free designs As you can see from the image above, installing a new and suitable theme using WordPress is very easy! Be sure to take your time and use WordPress theme search options. Use keywords and other search options relate to your business. Use different filters! Be sure to choose a ” Responsive ” theme/design if possible! This means that your website looks good even on mobile devices. Just type ” responsive ” in the search box. Installing a new design/theme. searching and found a suitable theme for your domain, installing it is extremely easy. Just move the mouse over the appropriate theme and press the “Install” button. Once the installation is done, the ” Install ” button will change to.

The next important step is to create content

Activate button. This means activating the theme. Press ” Activate “. wp theme install Now visit your homepage address and you should see the phone number list newly installe theme/theme on your domain. Be sure to update your page! If you are afraid that the pages and content adde to your website will disappear with the theme change, you are wrong. Change WordPress themes as much as you want. Nothing gets lost! How to add new content and pages to the website.

Phone Number List

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Making a website with WordPress does not only mean installing a theme, etc. If you have chosen a theme and successfully installe it on your website, for EF Leads your website and add new pages. Adding and eiting pages (eit). cannot consist only of the front page. Your homepage consists of several pages. You make services, contact and other such pages on your website. To do this, procee as follows: Go to the left menu of the WordPress admin panel (as always), go to “Pages” and select “Add New.

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