Sure, pagerank is older than emperor palpatine, but a lot of seos still use it as their primary metric for link research and rankability. Unfortunately, using pagerank exclusively to measure progress and page value can yield results as ugly as the emperor’s face. Since google updates pagerank so sporadically, you may not get an accurate picture of a page’s actual value. That being said, google updated pagerank late june and a lot of seos are talking about it! After all, it’s not a completely useless metric. Rand covers some of the uses for pagerank in this week’s whiteboard friday, but if you have ways you use it that we didn’t cover, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Welcome to another edition of whiteboard friday


This week we’re talking a little bit about google pagerank. I know this feels a little retro for some of you. You’re thinking, “Pagerank. Oh my god, that’s so 2001-2002.” but it comes up a lot. It comes up again and again, particularly with folks who India Part Time Job Seekers Phone Number List re new to the industry, new to seo, or have heard a lot because google does a lot of publicity around pagerank being their original algorithm. A lot of media publications talk about it. Even a lot of marketers still think of it as an important metric. So, I am here to set some of those myths straight and also talk about some ways to actually use and understand pagerank in the way that google gives it to us, which is in the toolbar.


Pagerank, toolbar pagerank, is updated randomly

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By randomly, I mean, it’s been as long as 11 months in some cases between a toolbar pagerank update, meaning that a site’s actual pagerank might have EF Leads jumped up a bunch or gone down a bunch, but google won’t change the metric that they show for 11 months, and then recently we had a pagerank update that only took about one month. It used to be that it would happen every month. Now it is very inconsistent. I think the last ordering was there was a month between the last update. Then it was six months before that. It was about five months before that.

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