Being a chrome junkie and also a keen productivity evangelist I’m predictably a huge fan of javascript bookmarktels. I use them all day long and over time I’ve built up a few that I have made myself that I thought I’d share today.

What is a javascript bookmarklet?
A javascript bookmarklet is a small piece of javascript code that you can execute in your browser by bookmarking a link. I’m shamelessly going to steal rand’s image from his old post on bookmarklets:

The basics – cached pages & site searches
What I’m covering in this blog post are all kinds of weird and wonderful bookmarklets but I want to re-post the basics here for you since these two bookmarklets I literally use 10s of times a day:

Quickly run a google site: search for the site you’re on – site search
Jump to the google cache version of the url you’re on – google cache
Rand actually wrote a post that covers a lot of the standard bookmarklets (including the two above) and if you’re new to them I strongly suggest you check it out: 30 seo bookmarklets to save you time

Open site explorer bookmarklets

Of course you can use the moz toolbar to Job Seekers Phone Numbers List quickly grab stats and jump to your favorite tools but sometimes I prefer the speed and elegance of a bookmarklet instead so here’s a bunch of them that work with the new open site explorer urls:

Open site explorer links

Special Database

Ose for the homepage of the domain you’re on
Ose for the url you’re on
Open site explorer top pages
Ose top pages report for the domain you’re on
Open site explorer anchor text
Anchor text phrases for the domain you’re on
Anchor text phrases for the url you’re on
(by the way, while I’m mentioning ose – you do know EF Leads that csv downloads are back right? Woop! Good job moz team!)

Domain insights
These bookmarklets are designed to give you some insights about the domain you’re browsing.


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