On the other hand, if for an e-commerce site the bounce rate is high, this is not a good sign… It means that the visitor has not gone further than the product sheet. Finally, this indicator allows you to know if your site offers quality content and if you are targeting your visitors well. This metric is also taken into account by search engines which compare the relevance of your content to other sites. Often associatd with time spent on the site, the bounce rate reveals whether your site is of interest to your visitors . So, in concrete terms, if your visitors spend little time on your site an.

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Your bounce rate is high, this does not bode well for your conversions… Do not panic, several solutions exist ! Follow our “made in” Powertrafic Latest Mailing Database tips! Tip 1: Step up a gear! What could be more irritating than having to wait for a site to load? It’s a fact, we are increasingly impatient, which is why it is absolutely necessary to rduce the loading time of your site. Otherwise, you risk seeing most of your visitors pass through the exit door without reaching a single page of your site.

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Generally, the ideal loading time is set at 3 seconds , beyond which the user experience is considerd critical. Delete all unnecessary elements that slow down navigation. For example, images that are not displayd , an over-optimizd EF Leads SEO that guides Internet users to a page that has nothing to do with their queries. Remember to provide indications as you browse using alt , title , description tags in particular. The must would be to have an internal search engine to facilitate the requests of your visitors! Website loading sped Tip 2: Bet on attractive and convincing content! A poorly structurd, confusing and stuffy site is the sure way out of your visitors.

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