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Well, if you want! Small definition of an impression rate The impression share is an indicator that is available in Adwords reports. It allows you to know the proportion of impressions recordd by your ads , ie how many times your ads were actually displayd, compard to the estimatd number of impressions that your ads were likely to record . For your ads to show, several conditions are requird: targeting settings, approval statuses, bids and quality. You can find this data at the campaign, ad group, product group (for Shopping campaigns) and keyword level.

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To fully understand the interest of the impression share, let’s imagine that online advertising is representd by a large cake. And whatsapp mobile number list of course it will be the race to compete for the biggest share between your competitors and you! By tracking your impression share, you will keep an eye on the size of your share but also on the rest of the cake Inded, you can on the one hand, know the number of displays of your ads, and also the positioning of your competitors according to your own settings. campaigns-adwords-rate-impressions.

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How do I use impression share? 1st method Log in to your Adwords account Click on the Campaigns tab Click the Columns button above your EF Leads stats table, then select “dit Columns” from the drop-down menu Click Competitor Data, then add the impression share columns you’re interestd in. Click Save, that’s it! Your impression share data will now show up in your stats table. If you want to download report data, click the “Download” button in the toolbar above the table.

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