In case Joaquín woke up in the night. He closed the door to his room from the inside and went out through the window. Leaving the candle lit to give the impression that he was there. The first drink was followed by the second, and this by the third, and the fourth. And many others he was singing with his drinking companions. When the firefighters passed by the door of the bowling alley, sounding the siren. Manuel did not associate this fact with what had happened until early morning. Staggering to his house, he saw the crowd gathered on his block.

Which they buried in the cemetery under a tombstone where Manuel had it written: “I will do it, Joaquin… I will do it.” With a lot of work, Manuel rebuilt the carpentry. He was lazy, but skillful, and what he learned from Joaquín was enough to carry out the business. He always felt that, from somewhere, Joaquín was watching and encouraging him. Manuel remembered him in every achievement: his marriage, the birth of his first child, the purchase of his first car.

Five hundred kilometers away

A small workshop with a few machines and tools, two rooms, a kitchen and a rudimentary bathroom in the back. However, Joaquín did not complain, in these two years. The carpentry workshop called had become known in. The town and he earned enough money to not have to resort to his meager savings. That morning, like every other morning, he got up at half past six to see the sun rise.

 On the way, about 200 meters from his house, he almost tripped company data over the injured and battered body of a young man. Quickly, he knelt down and placed his ear against the young man’s chest… weakly, deep down. A heart fought to maintain what was left of life in that dirty body reeking of blood, dirt and alcohol. Joaquín went to look for a wheelbarrow, on which he loaded the young man.

 Cut off the threadbare clothes and carefully cleaned it with water, soap and alcohol. For the next two days, Joaquín’s entire life focused on the health of his obligatory guest. The healed and bandaged the wounds, splinted his leg, and fed. The young man small spoonful’s of chicken broth. At him with tenderness and anxiety.

And they both laughed heartily

Well eaten, well slept and without drinking alcohol, Manuel. That was the young man’s name, immediately became stronger. Joaquín tried to teach him the trade and Manuel tried to avoid work as much as he could. Time and time again, Joaquín instilled in that head damaged by the past life. The advantages of a good job. A good name and a good life. Time and time again, Manuel seemed to understand and two hours or two days later.

He would fall asleep again or forget to complete the task that Joaquín had given him. Months passed. Manuel was cured. Joaquín had allocated the main room. A share in the business and the first shift in the EF Leads bathroom for Manuel, in exchange for the young man’s promise of dedication to work. One night, while Joaquín was sleeping, Manuel decided that six months of abstinence was enough and he believed that a drink in town wouldn’t hurt him.

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