Where do I go? What does it matter, you’re not fine here… Because of the mortgage and so on. Well… let’s leave it… Statements of this type share the space with self-assessments about the high degree of professionalism and, normally, this absurdity goes unnoticed.

 I recently had a conversation where the interlocutor invested 90% of his time in ruining the organization where he works.If you’re so fed up… Why don’t you leave? To which, he looked at me with the same eyes with which one looks at an alien and answered. It’s not that easy… Why not?… you say I’m leaving and that’s it! Man! Yes… but of course! [same look] and

The CS professional books

While preparing for the professional examination it is better to have And study notes to highlight. The point that can be referred at the time of revision. This is will help you to grasp those details that one may miss while the revision period. It is even important to select proper CS professional books that can be made useful for preparation executive data purposes that can be considered by understanding the level of the books compared to the candidate’s level. The options are wide and with the advancement in technology, one can even get a soft copy or PDF format files for reference. This you can download those material and select only those CS professional books that you may require for preparation.

The process to clear the examination

Requires completing all. The three stages of the exam that are the foundation. Executive and professional examination. The candidate needs to clear at least the class 12th examination to qualify for the CS exam. If the candidate has cleared graduation then they can directly apply for the executive exam instead of the foundation exam. The most important EF Leads stage is the professional exam that considered as the lengthiest and toughest amongst the other two exams.

Are based on the modules that are present in the professional source. There are basically 3 modules and each of them contains. Their own dedicated number of paper that requires to be cleared to move to a further stage. There are a total of 9 papers and each of them needs their own CS professional study material to understand the topics mentioned for each subject.


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