Specialize and be difficult to replace . Become strong in a competition being good in a topic, in a sector, in an application or tool, in a specific customer profile. Many vocations ’emerge’ with specialization: the more you know about something. Focus on the more you like it. Waiting for a vocation can be futile. For example, if you want to lose weight, instead of considering “lose weight” it is more effective to choose “lose 5 kilos” because they offer you a clear idea or indicator of what success looks like that motivates and guides the path.

Learn professions change but skills remain

We must avoid the attitude of carrying out studies executive data to wait “to see what happens.” Choosing training is a problem when it is chosen before everything else. Are we the most prepared generation in history or just the most titled? Is there overqualification or overdegree? The population aged 30 to 34 with higher education in Spain (2013) was 40.7%, above the EU average of 36.8%. And the important thing is not the titles but the skills that the labor market demands or the skills and attitudes that allow us to be better citizens and more comprehensive professionals.

Focus on Commit to your goal being good

When you do something something may EF Leads happen but if you do nothing, something will or will not happen, but you will learn little. Are you a professional who thinks a lot or are you a professional who does a lot? I met YouTuber JPelirrojo at an event for entrepreneurs in Valencia. This actor, singer and multifaceted professional has more than 1,000,000 fans on his channel. His story is a great example of what I call haztitude , of how a person can pursue his interests in a realistic way. My girl had gotten a scholarship to study in Canada for a year and I went with her. In Canada I didn’t have a study or work visa, so I spent a year glued to the computer. I had a YouTube channel and a website.

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