How can you find professional opportunities with your mobile? In 2015, for the first time, telephone users spent more time on mobile applications (198 minutes) than watching television (168 minutes), according to @rodriguezhernan , president of the Spanish Association of Mobile Communications. Data from recent surveys show that more than half of people looking for a job also use social networks, as do most companies’ selection and recruitment managers, especially through Linkedin. We increasingly use 2.0 employment services to find opportunities due to the ease, low cost, reach and specialization they offer. The question is whether we use those applications effectively and in a targeted way.

How to find Six tips for finding a job using apps

Focus only on the apps you’re actually going company data to use. One in 8 people abandons or does not use an Android application again three days after downloading it, according to an analysis by that has reviewed anonymous data from more than 125 million phones. Download and test apps one at a time. Accumulating apps on your mobile that you never try or that you end up trying only very superficially is like having your work table cluttered and your professional agenda with unfinished tasks that will discourage your search.

How to find Optimize Use apps wisely

In general, an online job search service. Whether EF Leads it is an application (app) or a job offer portal, will ask you as a candidate to carry out these four types of actions: Complete the sections of the curriculum. These contents would be personal data, training, experience, skills and professional expectations. Regarding personal data, it is important to determine the level of privacy that we want to use in each application. Each portal or application allows you to configure options to improve the accessibility.

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