Digital strategy for the 2019 election campaign digital, 2019.  Elections what is your strategy for the 2019 elections? Over the course of these months we have written . Multiple articles on next year’s european, administrative and municipal . Elections, proposing many digital marketing solutions to.  Put at the center of your 2019 election campaign! We have underlin the effectiveness of social mia, of the video marketing strategy . With youtube and facebook, to bet everything on video content.  Which is the most popular today on the social networks most us by italians! We have propos talking posts , contents to share on facebook, which 

Care and improvement of your public image

Concentrate all communication on graphics, so rich as to express.  The entire political message in a single content! We also focus on the importance of the image of the candidate.  To be propos in the new database 2019 european, regional or municipal elections or on the use.  Of micro influencers in politics. Before talking about these strategies, however, there is a question.  I want to draw your attention to, to give you important food for thought! It’s easy to talk about politics and digital marketing digital,.  As you know, has chang the way of doing politics! With the website and social networks, politicians establish a direct line.  With citizens, who can finally 

Social media monitoring to find new supporters online

Speak directly with them, writing a post on facebook or a tweet on twitter! Spe and global connection is a.  Success factor of digital platforms and is what will make digital the . Undisput protagonist once again of the 2019 election campaign! It must also be said, however, that it is too early to talk about digital marketing! Digital marketing is not for everyone! It is a complex sector, which requires specific EF Leads studies, frequent refresher courses. , skills and experience, which not everyone possesses! Marketing, like politics, are complex fields, full of difficulties.  Which do not allow improvisation, because incompetence.  And poor organization come at a high price.

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