Data collection from potential customers. Because it is fundamental in every business . Data, target customer records, the treasure of every company! We ask ourselves whether in the digital age, marketing still.  Nes customer records and how important.  It is today for a company, large or small, to collect data from potential customers. The answer is that the data acquisition of potential and . Customers is always a fundamental activity for all companies, because.  It is the basis on which they will build all marketing strategies! The emergence of digital in marketing has not chang this fact! In your work, I therefore advise you to give space to collecting . Data from your customers and from all those people you see entering 

What to give in exchange for personal data?

Your store or your e-commerce! It doesn’t matter that they haven’t purchas yet: sales are certainly your priority.  Objective, but keep in mind that many of these derive . Precisely from the knowlge you special data have of your customers! The more information you have, the more you will be able to grow your business! People are the company’s treasure and their data is a precious mine to draw on! The importance of security in user . Data collection let’s face it: no one likes to leave their personal data.  Especially when it comes to receiving promotional messages! People are reluctant to provide strictly personal information: they . Don’t know what will happen to them and they don’t want to run the . Risk of being torment by continuous advertising messages! 

Limit the sending of communications via telephone

The perspective changes if, when you make . Your request, you manage to make it clear that you are not . Asking for the data to do something unclear, but to send that person . Periodic communications of their interest. Emphasize that you will store and use that data safely, without giving . That information to other business partners! On the other hand, with the entry into force of the gdpr, of eu EF Leads regulation 679/2016.  The acquisition of personal data is more rigorous and the use is not.  As casual as it was in the past, but must follow a series of rules. Explain this too, because maybe the people you will be dealing.  With have never heard of the gdpr and ne a lot of information!

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