INSTAGRAM HAS AN GE OVER FACEBOOK FOR COMPANIES AND POLITICIANS . companies, instagram, politics It’s Instagram time: the reasons to be there! Instagram for companies and politicians? Why not Facebook? Why Instagram is doing better than Facebook! The growth of this social network in recent years and especially in 2018, a more than lucky year, says it all! In fact, Instagram Edge Over Facebook has surpass Facebook.  “the” social mia colleague of the Zuckemberg team! What does Instagram have more than Facebook? A much higher level of engagement and interaction rate for the same content! The same photo, the same video shar on Instagram and Facebook.  has a completely different success! The likes, comments and shares on Facebook don’t hold a candle to Instagram! So, are you ready to land on Instagram? 

The decline of Facebook

Instagram and its 19 million active users every month You can never be wrong with numbers! This is why doing some calculations will help us understand new data the rise.  of this social mia even better! In 2017 , Italian users active every month.  on Instagram, according to Wir data, were 14 million . In 2018 ? Italians active every month have become 19 million! The photo social network grew by 36%: not bad! Just think that 11 million Italians connect to Instagram every day ! The most active users were young people under 35, but the greatest growth was among 

Instagram for companies and politicians

Those over 55, especially in the range between 46 and 55! The decline of facebook in italy, facebook remains . The 1st social network, the one with the highest number of.  Members, but is experiencing a sharp decline, especially among very young EF Leads people. It is not only a question of less popularity among . Younger people, but also of involvement and interest in all age groups. If we talk about young people, according to data releas online.  The decline in popularity has reach around 40%. The decline in interest and interaction for shar content is different.  There are company pages with thousands of subscribers.  But few likes and zero comments and 

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