Build customer loyalty by collecting points and loyalty cards.  Data, loyalty, target to link customers to your brand, start with the details! Let’s return to the topic of customer data collection , to suggest to.  Retail and e-commerce how to organize loyalty programs, starting from.  The information receiv from customers and potential customers! We are referring to initiatives to collect points and loyalty cards.  Marketing strategies that are not new, which continue to. Be successful even today among customers of any point of sale! Success depends in part on the fact that the company that does loyalty.  Card marketing puts the customer at the center of all its activities.  It gives him importance, links him to its brand and 


Collecting points and digital loyalty cards

Satisfies him, offering him all the benefits of the loyalty program! Furthermore, it also satisfies itself, because with personaliz offers, it makes continuous sales! In fact, when it collects data and sends promotions, discounts or digital.  Coupons via email, text message or latest database whatsapp, the company obtains.  New sales and creates a loyalty circuit! Collecting points and digital loyalty cards collecting points and loyalty . Cards have exist in marketing for a long time. The difference compar to traditional . Marketing is that we are moving from plastic cards. , to be present at the checkout at the time of payment, to a modern digital system in which the cards

Rewards, offers, discounts, coupons and additional services

Are virtual, replac by apps that can be download to your mobile phone! Just think of stocard, the german app that . Stores within it all the points  accumulat in participating stores.  And which today brings together 4,000 stores including crai, esselunga.  Decathlon, ikea or miaworld! Compar to the classic system, this app is more EF Leads convenient in collecting points.  And obtaining rewards for consumers: there is no ne to have a wallet.  Full of loyalty cards, one for each point of sale, but a mobile phone . And an app, which groups all the loyalty cards of the same circuit online! This idea has given great success to the german company, which today has 

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