In particular to amazon. With a new online business model. Raffaele and paola therefore turn to intempra to undertake this new digital path. A path that would allow them to focus on new strategies and businesses.With a new online business model
After a careful analysis of the market and competitors we therefore accompani raffaele. Ceo of ciniglio group. And paola. In the creation of a new brand: paramaison .
Therefore. We plac it on the amazon marketplace.It is extremely common (yes. We all really do it!) to check whether the product we want to buy is on amazon and at what price. Perhaps making a comparison with the e-commerce site focus solely and exclusively on that type of sale.

Creating the best presentation of the brand

Creating the best presentation of the brand and the store and allowing ciniglio group to create a proprietary brand and make itself known through an important showcase . Made up of a vast user base. Without having to support the heavy start-up new data investments that an e-commerce requires.
An important turning point achiev in three months . A useful period of time to create and place the new brand on the market and follow it 360°. Taking care of:

new data

creation of naming Logo and visual identity

creation of specific campaigns on amazon marketing services.
A collaboration between intempra and paramaison which. Precisely because of its one-to-one nature. Has allow constant and constructive discussion and the creation of a EF Leads mium and long-term business plan in strategic and economic terms.Do you want to sell online successfully? One of the winning keys is With a new online business model certainly in connecting your e-commerce site with amazon . A real powerhouse of e-commerce. 

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