We support brand-owning businesses and retailers who wish to open a seller or vendor account on amazon and help them identify growth opportunities in domestic and foreign markets .
We take care of the complete or partial management of the amazon channel. Focusing our attention on various aspects:
Competitor analysis and study of product positioning . With consequent optimization of the shop experience;
Development of a marketing and merchandising plan for amazon e-commerce.

Creation of the amazon catalog

Creation of the amazon catalog . Pricing new database management ;
Analysis and/or creation of amazon product sheets : title. Description. Bullet point and a+ content;
Content optimization and translation . Search for the best performing keywords . Text verification . Product image consultancy and photo iting ;
Management of amazon ads advertising campaigns and reporting supervision;
Account performance analysis ;

new base

Training of personnel responsible for managing

Training of personnel responsible for managing the vendor/seller account and support in creating the sales cycle;
Management of user feback and reviews.
From a physical company. With fifteen years of experience on the traditional market behind it. To the creation of a new EF Leads brand and online business model. Capable of revolutionizing sales models and bringing results in the very short term.
It is the story of ciniglio group. Specializ in the home sector. Which decid to move to the web.

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