These mobile enabled individuals have incorporated their devices into every aspect of their lives, including purchasing.

Amazon.Com sells more than one billion dollars a year through mobile device orders alone. With this virtually universal market, online marketers are swiftly realizing that their mobile prospects have specific requirements which must be cater to in order to ensure the best possible customer experience, as well as to obtain the greatest seo benefit.

Following these top eight tips will help you provide the content your mobile customers want in a manner that boosts your seo efficiency.

1. Structure keywords for predictive search

The average google query on its mobile search is just 15 characters long and relies on predictive phrase and query suggestions to complete the enquiry. The time-honored google adwords keyword tool has recently added a mobile-savvy Chinese American Phone Number List function available under advanced options & filters which allows you to select to show ideas and statistics for: desktop & laptop; all mobiles; mobile wap; or mobile devices with full internet browsers. Identifying a set of keywords which are likely to be servup by google mobile search when seeking the products or services you’re competing for can help you grab more of that all-important mobile traffic.


 Rel=canonical is your url’s best friend

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When you’re creating your pages specifically engineered for smartphone access, don’t forget the rel=canonical which can point to your conventional computer version of the same page. When smartphone users visit that conventional page, they can be instantly redirected to the smaller, mobile page. This structure is applicable in almost EF Leads any url structure, eliminating the need for separate smartphone subdomains and subdirectories. Google head wizard matt cutts has posted a very instructive 20 minute redirect video tutorial on google webmaster tools.

3. Treat googlebot-mobile as any other unknown user-agent

The content that should be provided to the user-agent that googlebot-mobile uses for indexing can vary according to the various strings in use which are all formatted in this manner.

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