Article marketing is mostly a scam. Well, wait… Some types of article marketing are really scammy. Guest blogging, legitimate article sharing, and similar tactics are great and sustainable linkbuilding practices, but making up terrible article content and passing it off as something people should read or link to is both bad for users and bad for long-term seo. This week, rand discusses some of the reasons article marketing is so nefarious and some alternatives that are more user-friendly. Have any alternatives or tactics you’re fond of? Let us know in the comments below!



Howdy seomoz fans! Welcome to another edition of whiteboard friday


This week we’re talking about one of the scummiest, lowdownest, dirtiest, ugliest, messiest, nastiest, no goodnesst things of all in the seo world, it is called article marketing.
Now, there are some good, authentic, legitimate forms of article marketing. They’re usually called guest blogging or guest authorship, guest Chinese Australia Phone Number List writing. What article marketing has come to mean in the field that we are in is something just sickeningly awful. So what I want to do today is talk about it a little bit. You can probably feel some of my pain. Then, we can get into it in the comments and talk more. I know one of the issues, too, is that some folks have success with this, especially early on in their careers, and then think, oh, this is how I can do seo. I can just do article marketing.

Let me first, for those of you who aren’t familiar, walk you through how article marketing or article spinning, article republishing is done. Basically, we have our friend here. I don’t know, let’s call him fred. Fred is clacking away on his keyboard. He’s like,


Oh, you know what? I am going to make a useless

Special Database


Fairly painful to read, crap article about why EF Leads cats are the best pets, and in that article I am going to link back to pages on my site that are about cat ownership or cat food or whatever it is that I am trying to rank for. Those links are going to pass me some nice juice. They’ll go over to my website. That’ll be real nice there.”

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