The most in-demand Skills in Marketing”: at the Agencies Meeting

The most in-demand Skills in Marketing: at the Agencies Meeting. Recently we were lucky enough to organize. Therefore, the First Meeting of Online Marketing Agencies where a good number of marketing enthusiasts and lovers gathered. The last debate table looked very attractive and did not disappoint. It focused on one of the topics of greatest interest to those. Therefore, who are training as Community Managers and plan to dedicate themselves professionally. Therefore, Social Media: the most in-demand skills in Online Marketing. Do you want to know them.

What skills do companies demand from an agency

 What skills do companies demand from an agency. In general, when a company hires an Online Marketing agency to take charge of its image on the Internet and its social networks, what it is looking for are solutions and sales. It does not usually require specific profiles or skills. That part is in the hands of the agency itself, which is responsible for recruiting top people data and selecting its staff. But there is one aspect that brands do require: that the people in charge of their online communication know how to write and do not make spelling mistakes .

How to work quickly, with few resources and with quality content

How to work quickly, with few resources and with quality content. There may not be a concrete answer to this. It is a jungle in which you have to learn to survive and to which you have to adapt. In fact, the question was left a bit in the air because none of the members of the table dared to give a clear answer.

Perhaps a possible solution to work quickly EF Leads with few resources and offering quality is to have a multitasking team , with people specialized in very different fields and who control both the content and the technical part.

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