30 online programs and tools to edit photos and images. Nowadays, images are an essential element in a good content marketing strategy, and their proper use is increasingly important in blogs and email database websites. We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. now imagine what you can achieve with a perfectly optimized image! In this post we have compiled 30 online programs and tools to edit and retouch your photos and images.

Without creativity and innovation

Without creativity and innovation, campaigns do not work. Some agencies tell their clients “I’m going to make you a viral video .” But how can you promise that you are going to make a video viral. Therefore, if the one who makes it viral is the public? It is true that there are and we know some elements that we have to integrate into email database video content to make it more prone to virality . For example, emotional marketing or the video hooking you from the first three seconds. But we have to structure these little things.

Not taking advantage of all the promotion data leads to failure

Not taking advantage of all the promotion data leads to failure. A failure currently is not taking advantage of all the data that we can extract from promotions, for example, on social networks. Here I put another concept on the table: Social CRM . A social network can even know my underwear size, and it’s no joke. No matter how many participations a promotion has, for me a failure is not knowing how to give continuity to a database . You can say that the campaign EF Leads has been a success, but if you are not able to subsequently do push campaigns to reach the audience you have achieved in the way you want, it is a failure. Sergi García Calaf.

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