The Best Books on Digital Marketing, Advertising, Design and Branding. Books are usually the great witnesses of the times, even beyond filmography or photography. This compilation of the best books on Marketing, Advertising, Design and Branding gives us a fairly complete vision of what is currently happening with marketing. This is where the new trends go. This collection of books confirms a reality that we all know, but that many companies have not yet fully implemented: the consumer, the client, is now more than ever in history the most absolute protagonist of any sales strategy.

SEO Advanced Techniques

The organic modality. Therefore, of this positioning is the most profitable. way to drive quality traffic to companies’ content and, ultimately, achieve conversions. The algorithms of these search engines are in a permanent updating process. Therefore, in order to achieve greater precision in the search results of users. This perennial transformation requires. That SEO professionals email leads maintain. The same parallel pace of updating and acquire advanced SEO knowledge. Therefore, with which to face these changes and stand out from their competition.

Community Manager Course

Community Manager Course. A fairly complete and focused tour of the Social Media Plan that is explained through an easy-to-understand decalogue. The author’s starting point is the understanding. the new consumer as a concept that triggers the new reality of Social Media. Therefore, where he is the absolute protagonist in a scenario where companies are obliged EF Leads more than ever to meet their needs, expectations and desires. The final chapters are dedicated to metrics, an essential aspect in the training of new Community Managers.

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