Summary of the most important things of 2016 for Aula CM + Video

Summary of the most important things of 2016 for Aula CM + Video. 2016 has been a special year for Aula CM. We have been a school for more than 4 years and things continue to progress. We have selected 12 special events this year that we are very happy about. And we have made a small video too. I take this opportunity to thank you for reading us, following us or supporting us during this year. Here I leave you with the video that we have recorded between 7 colleagues from the Aula CM team.

Bitácoras Award for the best Marketing Blog

Bitácoras Award for the best Marketing Blog. Without a doubt, the Bitácoras Award is the most important award in Spain dedicated to blogs. Last year it was a huge joy to reach the final as one of the 3 best. Although it couldn’t be. However, this year we were amazed to have reached the final again and to have been awarded this time as “the best Marketing blog” . We know that there are many blogs that are equally or email contact list better than ours, but I think that the jury has been able to value our work and that of the other projects that surround the Aula CM blog: marketin.

Entrepreneurship Master with Garrigues

Entrepreneurship Master with Garrigues. We are going to do a Master’s degree with the Garrigues Study Center, the training part of one of the largest law firms in Europe. Aula CM will be in charge of the entire Marketing module (25 hours). The Master is in Entrepreneurship and Startups and promises to be something EF Leads very innovative and practical for those who want to undertake or professionalize in a very broad field of work such as Startups. Here you have all the information .

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