The most prominent and powerful integrations and correlations are only available in certain pricing plans. We hope that this will change over time if they want to be an equivalent competitor, integrating hundreds of third-party plugins and tools. Compatible with, allowing you to greatly customize your online store, from product to specific page ( my account, shopping cart, checkout ). Gutenberg has its own Gutenberg blocks and a very cool option that allows you to generate reusable blocks in Gutenberg and then use them in Gutenberg.

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Wow! And Toolset As I mentioned above, it is also integrated with and, you can add custom   special data  post types and custom fields almost anywhere you want. The strongest point of oxygen is, without a doubt, dynamic data management. If you know how to take advantage of the data contained in your database, you will really enjoy the options available to you, from conditional options to integration with or toolsets.

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 Conditional options will allow you to show hidden objects based on conditions, brutal! You can even create a membership site without the   EF Leads  need for other plugins; you will be able to display hidden objects based on user roles and other options. This is very, very!!! These are the data you can work with dynamically. This is no small thing, huh!

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