The “teaser” for the new Kevin the Carrot ad for Aldi is titled “Feast of Football.  Shows the family of what is probably the most famous carrot. In the advertising industry waiting at the airport for an airline flight to arrive. «PesyJet». Good old Kevin flips through the newspaper headlines while he discusses the World Cup with his wife. And upset that the tournament is going to be held this year in the middle of Christmas. He crumples the newspaper and forms it into a ball that he throws over his shoulders. A ball that the edible emulators of some football stars take advantage of to play a fun game in the middle of the airport.

A lemon nicknamed Ronaldi picks up the ball

Kevin the Carrot , the endearing industry email list carrot that has been the focus of Aldi’s Christmas advertising in British lands for some years. Is once again the protagonist for the seventh consecutive year of the supermarket chain’s new campaign. Permeated on this occasion with echoes soccer fans due to the proximity of the Soccer World Cup in Qatar. thrown to the ground by Kevin and passes it to Messy. Who makes his way with the ball on his feet between coffee glasses carelessly thrown on the pavement. The ball then passes from Messy to MmmBap and then to Roy Bean. And poor Kevin the Carrot tries to get involved in the game. But the truth is that he is not in the best physical shape.

Clearly inspired by the iconic “Airport” spot

on the occasion of the FIFA Cup, the EF Leads Aldi ad also features a star appearance by Macaroony, Beth Swede and Marrowdona. The ball finally reaches Kevin. Who unfortunately misses the shot and is also left composed and without a flight to Paris. Which has taken off while he was exhibiting his soccer skills (rather sparse) in the airport waiting room. The “teaser”, signed again by the McCann agency. Concludes with a nod to the famous film Home Alone. In particular to the scene in which Catherine O’Hara confirms on the plane that she and her family have forgotten her son Kevin (who coincidentally shares a name with the protagonist of the Aldi spot).

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