Choose the domain on which you want to install WordPress. Find the WordPress icon or link in the menu. Fill in the require fields and read the explanations. the button to start the installation. allows you to install WordPress in 3 short steps. install wordpress There is another way to install WordPress. It’s a lot more complicate and I don’t recommend using a web host that doesn’t offer you ” one-click installation “. Why complicate things! However, if for some unknown reason you nee to install WordPress manually, visit this link . We will choose a suitable theme for your new WordPress page. WordPress changes all the time, but at the moment you should see something like this in the WordPress admin window of your website: wordpress initial setup.

Different styles and themes to choose

By default, WordPress should be in Estonian, according to the country of your IP address. Let’s choose a theme or template for your page. In 2021, the whatsapp mobile number list default WordPress theme looks like this: wordpress theme installation WordPress has thousands of from and make your website unique. It generally changes every year for the last few years. It is quite understandable that you want to stand out from other pages. WordPress offers you endless different configuration options for this, starting with thousands of theme options.

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Log in with your chosen

You can also eit and change a huge amount of WordPress design/theme of your choice. How to find a WordPress theme/design that you like and purchase with your business? Log in to your WordPress admin panel. If you don’t know how to do it EF Leads exactly, go to the link Replace “” with your domain name. username and password! By default, the WordPress admin panel should look like this: website creation wordpress If you feel that the picture is a little colorful at first glance don’t worry.

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