How to Whether you are looking for a digital marketing agency or if you are a company or online marketing professional, this article will interest you. In it we are going to analyze two essential documents in a contractual relationship between both parties: the budget and the commercial contract. In addition, you can download contract template models.

The commercial contract for digital marketing services How to

How to According to Wikipedia, a commercial contract or commercial top industry data contract is a bilateral legal transaction that has a legal- commercial nature . In general, for a contract to be classified as commercial , it must refer to commercial acts, defined according to the applicable legislation. When we talk about a digital marketing services contract, we are referring to the contract by which a digital marketing company or professional in said area undertakes with respect to its client to perform a series of services in exchange for an economic amount established and accepted by both. parts.

Why is it important to close the business agreement through a contract contract

Offering the client a contract is a guarantee EF Leads that they are dealing with a serious professional . Furthermore, this represents a legal guarantee for both parties, reflecting unequivocally the services provided, what is excluded, their amount, the payment method or any other aspect that either party wants. record. Although a verbal agreement is valid, we choose to close the agreement in writing in a document.

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