With this monotony is broken and the attention is retained. In the past this area of ​​design was ridiculously simple. basically because the universe of options was reduced to five or six sources. Today, the universe of alternatives grew exponentially with the emergence of web font repositories created by google and adobe . Designers now have many possibilities for choosing and combining fonts within a website. With this opportunity open, there was a creative explosion in the use of typefaces; and as the days went by, that explosion began to align around a recurring trend: the use of serif fonts for titles and headings, and sans-serif fonts for long blocks of text.

Design and development of your business

Do you need us to help you with the planning. Design and b2b email list development of your business website. Let’s talk aids an element that is always present in web design and that we must analyze to advance in understanding trends is audiovisual support for content. The majority of web designers, since the of graphic browsers, agree on the importance of these pieces to improve the user experience and to retain their attention. As the years went by, audiovisual aids images podcasts  videos and more ceased to be a support and became the protagonists of the content. At present, the predominant trend in web design is the use of videos.

Today's designers prefer to draw attention

With an amateurish tint without much pre and but with a lot of value. Content EF Leads for the consumer. Today’s designers prefer to draw attention to the visual. Interactive effects this entire package of graphic design elements that we have reviewed so far can be combined and enriched with some movement; the dynamism that digital allows is a key component for websites. Incorporating microinteractions throughout the design brings elements to life and helps draw users’ attention to what is truly important. The most recurring trend in this section is subtlety.

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