Limits you en you are self-employed, work often begins to. In addition, invade your life little by little. You answer your cell phone 24 hours a day. You check emails even when you’re lying down. You meet with potential clients on holidays. And this, my friend, I am sorry to inform you, is not going. In addition, to make you a better professional. Quite the opposite! In this article I want to share a series of tips to learn to set limits at work if you are self-employed.

Defines the hours of attention to emails and calls Limits you

Limits you I understand that these hours may be longer category email list than work hours, but you do not. In addition, have to answer your cell phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you do so, the only thing you are going to achieve is the exhaustion of your loved ones, living in a state of permanent anxiety, an unhealthy. In addition, dependence on the mobile phone and the ignoring of your clients. I have received messages from clients late at night on a Friday asking me for their social media passwords.

Separate your professional phone from your personal one marketing freelancer

For many years I only had one telephone. What EF Leads did this generate in me? A lot of anxiety. I could never disconnect. At any time I could receive a WhatsApp from a client or a call from a potential client. Even on weekend nights! And this is obviously not the most appropriate. Therefore, a year ago I decided to have two telephone lines.

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