These are the tourism has changed and is in a new paradigm . Companies in the sector must adapt to this new reality and in the third forum « The Brand Sessions. Therefore, towards a new tourism model” organized by Mandarina Brand Society. Some keys are established so that brands remain relevant. Thirteen experts from the branding and tourism sectors have analyzed the urgent need for transformation of the sector and the role of brands in this change. It has been a hybrid event and one that we have covered from.

Transformative tourism and respect for the destination

Pilar Domínguez , co-founder and category email list Creative and Strategy Director of Mandarina Brand Society opened the forum by recalling that “for a long time we have believed that the place of tourism brands was only in the market but today brands have to be present in society. In people’s concerns, to remain relevant. Therefore, to do this, brands must begin a listening process from which to propose solutions and innovation that can then be communicated and shared and link the members of the organization and the community in a common purpose he noted. Therefore, we must evolve towards transformative tourism. He explained that a model capable of proposing a tourism business that does not focus on growth but on development. That takes into account all the agents that are around that brand.

Work to retain talent

“In the tourism sector there is a flight EF Leads of talent and a crisis of values. Said Toni Zapater of Slow Life Hotels . We must return to key values: People : relationships between people are valuable. «We must dignify work in a hotel. And the territory. Which has been trivialized. There is a story behind each territory that we must respect. For Mar Suau of BoD Relais Chateaux. The time factor is the ultimate luxury for the client. «In the workplace. We must also promote balance between professional and personal life. To retain talent within the organization we need communication, development plans and personal assessment, a positive and healthy work environment.

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