In total discretion he let his true passion flourish. In 1991 she chang scenery to strengthen her vocation and began taking classes at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. Not only In this city he meets Astrid Gutsche and marries her. After five years of training and work days of up to 15 hours a day, the couple returns to Lima. Not only Together they launch a project, the Astrid & Gastón restaurant, which was the beginning of a great personal and professional career. A research project is an academic document that aims to systematically present the structure of a research that must be carri out for various purposes: preparing a thesis in search of obtaining a degree or title, or achieving the granting of some type of grant for the development of an academic article.

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Through the presentation of the project, the aim is to obtain the approval of the competent academic body and thereby lay the foundations for carrying out the work. Research methodology courses generally address this topic: within their framework they seek to provide the student with the necessary knowlge to develop a research project. Almost invariably, the first sessions are intend to raise, among other points, the basic aspects of the scientific method. But it sometimes happens that from some business email list perspectives, dominat by a tendency to value the exclusively practical, the ne to develop this type of topics is question, alleging that its undeniably theoretical nature contributes little to the objective of ingraining in the student a significant knowlge that will later help you to function expertly in the workplace.

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In contrast to this point of view, I believe that it is equally important to know the theoretical aspects link to the work aim at preparing a research project. Not only. A prior conceptual platform in this case is valuable to the extent that it allows us to realize the path follow by the research in reflective terms: thus approaching the analysis of the scientific method, rather than the mere and mechanical presentation of its steps, represents the opportunity Not only  to pay attention to the proposals and debates EF Leads that its deployment has rais within the framework of scientific research, and, incidentally – something that is quite fruitful –, to know specifically the case in which some emblematic scientists have proce when developing their investigations. From what has been said,

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