Training someone who doesn’t know anything about seo to link build can be very challenging even for someone who is quite advanced in the industry. You have to know how to dumb things down, while still giving adequate information. You also need to make sure you don’t overwhelm the person you are training. I’ve taken several approaches to this in the past and I wanted to go through a step-by-step of what works for me.

Again I’m going to assume the person you’re training doesn’t know anything about seo.

First things first!

Tool and software setup

This will vary greatly depending on the type of link building they’re going to be doing.

Keep it simple at first. It’s important to learn how to build links without tools in the beginning and slowly introduce new tools to them Ireland Business Fax List as they develop. If they hit the ground running, by all means, give them more advanced tools. However, you can’t assume they’ll do well right away and putting too many tools in front of someone can be really confusing.

This should be tailored to the person training them. For example if you generally use open site explorer instead of yahoo site explorer (which will be gone soon anyways), make sure they’re using the same thing you are during training.

Excel excel

Fax Lists

Trainees will most definitely need an excel program for record keeping and looking at reports. Open office is a great alternative if you don’t have access to microsoft excel.

Seo dictionary seo glossary
This isn’t really a tool, but for people who EF Leads don’t know anything about seo, this is a reference they will need. I like seo book’s dictionary. Everything is on one page so you can do a quick ctrl+f command.

Page rank page rank tool
Page rank is by no means a great way to judge sites or pages, but for someone new to seo, it’s an introduction to the concept that some sites are “Vot better than others. I like to use search status. It gives you a quick look at the page rank without having to click anything.

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