Throughout my six years as an SEO, there have been times when I’ve questioned the value of SEO for clients.

There are always long tail phrases. That will generate return but ultimately, that is not what. This post is abou working with existing media clients. It would not make sense to not offer the service. And it wouldn’t wash to argue the toss for not doing seo.For the same reason, integration with other digital and above the line channels is crucial too.

Campaign Based SEO Integration

One common failing of above the line work is that there is no measurability. There are ways in which to rectify this by the use of vanity URLs/domains and redirecting with campaign tracking codes but not everyone will remember the brand, let French Business Fax List alone the URL. As much as TV advertisers will hate to admit it, people will often remember the advert but not the brand, unless the brand is drill in to your head to the point of infuriation like the Go Compare and We Buy Any Car adverts here in the UK. If the branding is not strong however, there are other ways to get visitors to the site via other marketing channels and ensure the brand message is pass Taking the first example to come to mind:


I remember watching this video and not being entirely sure what it was for immediately afterwards

Fax Lists

So this is a perfect example of what I am talking about. In actual fact, the video is promoting Cadbury’s Dairy Milk; however, even four years after the advert, there are related terms that are not brand related.

I’ve deliberately exclud unrelatand brand terms. Which add to the number of searches and while the volumes .Aren’t ground breaking, the EF Leads advert is four years old and is still receiving search volume. Searches for these phrases further extend. The measurement of above the line activity and increase. Traffic and ensure the brand association is made online,in this particular example. The brand (cadbury’s) appears eighth in the search results. For the phrase, though visibility is poor due to the dominance of universal search.

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