It’s also beneficial to have regular team meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. Remember, you can always ask team members what they expect and want from you so you can meet their nees. Feeback can be the best way to know what’s require. “nearly 46 percent of respondents said a lack of communication is the biggest challenge for managing remote work” hubstaff survey 4. Offer encouragement and emotional support there’s a risk in a remote working scenario that people may feel isolate or stresse. Some people work well alone and under their own steam, while others require more support. Make sure to check in with all employees. Even asking a simple question like “how are you finding working remotely?”

It can help enhance your relationships

can help you to get an understanding of how each team member is doing. Emotional intelligence is important as a leadership skill. It latest database can help enhance your relationships at all levels, and you should aim to practice it every day in the workplace. It also ties into coaching and mentoring which will help you to bring out the best in your employees. “it was clear once the pandemic hit there were a lot of challenges, but there were some benefits too like the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, and we were all surprise by the degree to which you can get things done over zoom, dropbox and other tools. We thought about how to get the best of both worlds.

Hone remote-base skills

So, we’re virtual first, but not virtual only,” said the ceo and founder of dropbox, drew houston in the big EF Leads tech show podcast (irish independent). Why choose dmi? 5. Hone remote-base skills there are some skills when people work remotely that they may nee to learn or refresh, such as time management. Polishing this evergreen skill will help employees manage their time to fit in meetings and deliver work within a set timeframe. Other skills that may be require as a remote worker (practical and soft skills) are:

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