Make sure to set boundaries around working hours so that people finish on time and are not working extra hours. 2. Build a culture of trust it can be difficult when you don’t see your staff every day as you’re not sure what they are doing or when. But trust is crucial in this new work environment. For existing staff, you already should know what they are capable of and the level of work they can deliver. If you’re new to the role as a manager then talk to your executive or hr team to find out more about your team so you know their strengths and weaknesses and the level of management that may be require.

At the start

For new hires, you may have been involve in the interview process or you can get new database access to their cv. At the start, it would be a good idea to have daily check-ins so you can introduce them to the company and team. You want to avoid anyone feeling isolate or left behind. However, for both, be careful not to micro-manage and trust your staff to come to you when they nee guidance or want to discuss something. Micro-management is rarely appreciate! “remote work can actually really help with people being able to take that time between work and refresh and do things that give them a much more robust and three-dimensional life that also make it possible for them to do much more excellent work

Have regular check-ins the regularity

said anne helen petersen, a culture writer and author on the ezra klein show (new york times podcast). 3. Have EF Leads regular check-ins the regularity of your check-ins and meetings will depend on your team. There will be times – such as a new marketing campaign – when more meetings are neee and discussions are require. But there will also be times when people know what’s require, have a scheule in place, and nee to deliver. This can mean that less time is require on zoom and things can be done via email or other communications tools. The regularity will also depend on the employee. Some nee more management and guidance than others – think new starters – so adjust your check-ins accordingly.

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