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Grandmother Translate The Grand’mère coffee brand (precisely) has created a site , which is aimed at young and old, and dedicated to reducing this chasm of misunderstanding that sometimes reigns between grandparents and grandchildren. The idea was thus to propose a translator of “young” expressions, intended for the better understanding of grandmothers. A device that worked well, and which also gives the brand a connected aspect that is in line with today’s society.

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Renault  Contest & Storytelling In the Netherlands, Renault is betting on nostalgia, telling the story of a grandmother who wants to give away her old 4L but has lost the keys. In the style of an immersive game-contest, and entirely carried phone number list out on a dedicated site, the user must go through grandmother Hilda’s house to find her keys and try to win the car. The storytelling once again demonstrates its effectiveness since Renault Netherlands has doubled its quota of likes thanks to the game, by delivering to its users a tale imbued with nostalgia and history specific to Renault. Vodafone Sunday Grannies Yet another way to bring generations together , and at the same time to promote mobile internet to elderly people living alone, Vodafone has launched.

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Sunday Grannies operation in Romania. The principle is simple, provide two grandmothers with a quick training on social networks, and let them work in the kitchen on Sundays to cook meals for students in the neighborhood, while sharing their adventures on their Facebook page. Success was not long in coming, as the two grandmothers became EF Leads internet cooking stars, receiving more and more positive reactions on social media as they received students into their homes. Proud of its success, Vodafone even created a site on which the elderly could register and take part in this culinary exchange program with young people.

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