Quick – who am I describing with these sentiments: great, awesome, interesting, cool, better than facebook, annoying, boring, stupid…

You got it (and of course the title of the post probbbbably gave it away) – google plus (aka google+ aka google plus 1 aka the facebook killer aka that new google social thing).

Those terms are just some of the emotions that people have around the product.


But 35% of people talking online about google+ are doing it on twitter, followed by 24% on blogs and 16% on social networks, so I have to wonder how many of us talking about it are talking about it because we’re /*nerds*/ and #social #media #marketers who can’t help but squeal like schoolgirls about good ol’, sock-em-in-the-eye-with-the-next-big-thing silicon valley rivalry in the hottest online movement since the indoctrination of web 2.0.

I also can’t help but wonder if we geektechmarketernerds are skewing the sentiment, since people I’ve talked to in the real world (like, not through a computer) have often said “Yeah it’s cool but now what do I do?”

People want google plus

So what’s really behind all of this positive British Student Phone Number List sentiment? Let’s look under the hood. Of 5,332 sound bites (aka mentions) expressing positive emotions for google+, 21% like it and 16% love it. On the negative side, 34% hate it and 19% don’t like it (that’s from a smaller segment of 736 sound bites).

Positive emotions around google plus

People who expressed positive emotions other than “Love” or “Awesome” seem to like it rather lackadaisically with somewhat weak emotions like “Interesting”, “Enjoy”, and “Cool”. The smaller group of people who expressed negative emotions seem to be a bit more ferocious with “Hate”, “F*ck”,

Negative emotions around google

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We can also look at the intended behaviors people have expressed around google plus. With google’s need-to-know-someone-in-the-in-crowd invitation-only launch it’s only natural that 17% of the positive behaviors were made up of “Need” and “Want”.

Positive intended behaviors around google plus


Most people are talking about using it, and EF Leads more people are talking about trying it than switching to it.

Negative behaviors are even more interesting: 21% don’t get it, won’t get it or can’t get it, 5% think it’s a waste, 8% don’t want or need it, and 2% don’t trust it. Ouch. But again, the negative sentiments overall were on a much smaller scale, so there are fewer of these than positives.

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