At the end of 2021, Google Ads, in one of its Marketing Livestream, gave the big surprise: It announced the end of Smart Shopping campaigns and local campaigns, and presented the new Performance Max campaigns as alternative. With a strong commitment to automation and Machine Learning, Google promised that these types of campaigns would reduce management time while maintaining the same number of conversions or even increasing it. At the end of August 2022, the controversial change occurred that has turned the campaigns of hundreds of thousands of companies around the world upside down. But, let us start at the beginning.

The information you provide Ads Performance

The main objective chosen. The budget and the type of bid. Asset groups (including images, logos, videos, titles, long titles, descriptions, extensions, etc.).Audience signs. And product feed in the case of online stores. Advantages Comprehensive automated online advertising: Google has designed Performance Max with the aim of accompanying the user throughout the purchase funnel, since it uses many different types of campaigns in a unified way.  Data-driven attribution model: According to Google Ads, it intelligently assigns credit for conversions, based on how people interact with your various ads and decide to become your customers. Using many more

Cannibalization between campaigns

channels than any other Google Ads campaign, this attribution is more realistic. Better predictions: Precisely thanks to this data-based attribution that is fed from multiple channels at the same time, the Machine Learning of these campaigns EF Leads learns more and faster, which allows it to know more accurately which resources are generating the most conversions and This way it optimizes them better. Savings in design time: It is not necessary to create specific designs for each of the formats of each channel, but Google Ads is responsible for combining the resources that we give it to create diverse creatives, test them and optimize them based on the results they obtain. go getting.

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