Since rand discussed a scammy link building tactics last week, he decided to tackle a good method that anyone can do. This week rand has 8 tips on how you can build links using twitter, yes twitter! Rand discusses what methods he sees generating links and how you can use them. We’d also love to hear how you are using twitter to generate links and what you see the future of linking building on twitter will be.


Howdy seomoz fans! Welcome to another edition of whiteboard friday

This week I am super excited. We’re going to be talking about something that a lot of have a big problem with and that is, how do I actually build real, substantive, long-lasting, valuable links for seo to my website using twitter?
People are like, “Oh, you know, twitter is a great way to do seo, great way to build connections.” I hear all these people on the sidelines like, “Yeah, really, I kind of like my article spinning robot, thank you very much. That works for me.” to this I Indian Business Fax List am like, if you took the time and energy that you invested in some of these lower quality tactics and put them into some higher quality, tactics like social connections, and this is where a lot of folks will stop you. They’ll be like, “Social connections? Really, rand? Twitter? Can you actually get direct links from that? I know you get little tweets. You get more followers. You feel good about yourself, like you’re interacting in a community. But do you actually drive real links to your site?

Let me show you exactly how

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I have eight tactics specifically designed to really get real high quality links right to your website. Let’s walk through them
Number one, the serendipitous EF Leads onnection. This is sort of the most ethereal and nondirect of these. The idea being that I am some guy on twitter and here is some other nice friend on twitter and we start chatting with each other. We start building a connection, and eventually that connection through good authentic participation and back and forth, the relationship that it builds, turns into links. This happens all the time.

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