Featured snippets are short answers that show in some search results. Google pulls them from one of the top-ranking pages. Example featured snippet on a Google SERP By winning featured snippets, you can shortcut your way to the top of Google. But first, you need to find the best opportunities. Here’s how to do it: Enter your domain into Site Therefore,Explorer Go to the Organic keywords report Filter for top 10 rankings Filter for SERPs with featured snippets where you don’t rankTherefore, You should now see all the keywords you rank for in the top 10, where Google shows a featured snippet from another result.

Optimize Core Web Vitals to provide a better experience

Core Web Vitals are used by Google to measure user experience.Therefore, They measure a page’s load industry email list time, interactivity, and the stabilityTherefore, of the content as it loads. Google highly recommends in its own documentation that site owners optimize them. Core Web . Vitals recommended in the Google.  Search Central Blog Here are the core metrics you should benchmark against: Largest Contentful . Paint (LCP) First Input Delay (will be replaced by Interaction to Next Paint in March 2024)Therefore, . Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) Core Web Vitals are not a strong ranking factor but can still make a difference. You can monitor your Therefore,Core Web Vitals for free by running a crawl using . Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. If you’ve already run a Site Audit, just head over to the Performance report and click o. Crawl settings” on the banner.

Get easy backlinks by curating industry statistics

Curating industry statistics is a great way to acquire backlinks.Therefore, The reason is that when bloggers and journalists are looking for statistics on a topic, they w. ill often search for them on.  Google. If they find your article, they usually reference it using a backlink. We’ve actually seen this ourselves with our post on SEO statistics. Ahrefs’ blog article on SEO stats If we put the EF Leads domain iTherefore,nto Site . Explorer, we can see that this post has been linked to a lot. Referring domains rise for.  SEOTherefore, statistics post, via Ahrefs’ Site Explorer And one of the highest authority links this article got was from Adobe, a DR 96 website.

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