On the other hand, the Internet allows an applicant’s social environment to be much broader, which in turn generates the ne to improve the quality of life. Consequently, the salary expectations of recent generations tend to grow. However, would it be advisable to choose a career only because of the high salary that could be obtain? Pilar Sordo, in her book ucate to feel, feel to ucate (2017), points out that young people are full of definitions of success, achievements and so many other things that they end up choosing without having a real direction.

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They are young people who want to please their parents, fulfill the dreams that they could not achieve, who do not know how to generate their own, who live overwhelm by fears and insecurities, who prepare themselves b2b leads  for failure and not for success, and who often they stop dreaming. In this way, young people face the ne to choose a vocational option under considerations of profitability, status and pleasing others. Family pressure does not allow them to decide freely about what they are truly passionate about.

Policies and Strategies That

In homes where parents are from a profession, they encourage their children to do the same to “continue the tradition,” but this tradition is not always what the children really want. Only a free vocational decision, without pressure, will allow you to choose the career with which you will be happy and feel fulfill , and this EF Leads will be reflect in your professional performance. We have the case of Gastón Acurio, who at the age of 20 enroll in the Law School of the Complutense University of Madrid to please his parents’ wishes. Two years later he decides, secretly, to leave the faculty and enroll in the Madrid Hospitality School.

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