Wondering what strategy will be best for your business? We offer only effective solutions. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you A complementary product can also be easily offere on the Internet. Tools for online stores are use for this, such as: cross-selling, creating sets, combining products, “recommende” and feature products, bestsellers and other. We recommend What is product placement? Store owners do not always realize that specific knowlege is behind the offers of a complementary product. For example, such a product should cost 10-50% on average. original purchase value.

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It is worth noting that this is most often the case in the examples liste above, which suggests that the authors of these strategies are familiar database with these rules. Another rule is that in the case of sets, one of the products should have an optimal price. Even if it gives a very small profit, price positioning in this way is appropriate. A complementary product, without which it is difficult to imagine the purchase of the first product, may then be more expensive. Why? Because in the mind of the consumer there is already a great nee to buy it.


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In this way, the complementary product can regulate the demand for the goods. Today, even a small and meium-size store should implement these rules in practice if it wants to compete with powerful players in its industry. Complementary and EF Leads substitute products The definition of a complementary product may be clear, but it is worth mentioning the difference between it and substitute products. The latter can replace the item that the customer already has in the basket. In the clothing industry, gloves, a bag and a scarf will be complementary to the coat. Winter jacket, fur, coats in a different color – these are substitute products. Choice is good for the customer.

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