We recommend Culinary photography, or how photographing food affects the brand’s communication strategy Are you looking for an effective PR agency? Tell us how can we help you? Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Scope of cooperation We have appointe a deicate team of internal experts to work on the project – the PR department, photo session coordinators, photographers and cooks. As a result, we have create a detaile scope of our cooperation. The tasks carrie out by Commplace include: Analysis of current trends in photography.

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At Commplace, we are aware that it is the photo of the product that can significantly spee up the customer’s purchasing decisions. That is why, before each session, we carefully analyze the latest trends so that the prepare materials are phone number list attractive to the potential recipient. At the same time, we also take into account the characteristics of the target group. The combination of these two variables allows you to achieve a unique effect. Preparation of the scenario of the photo session Many years of experience allow us to efficiently develop scenarios for photo sessions. Consider the pros/cons of the location, equip yourself with the right props, keep a steady pace and consider the nees of all the experts involve.

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Include PESTEL analysis SWAT

With all this, you should also remember about the main goal of the session – presenting the product or recipe in accordance with the adopte brand communication strategy. Preparation of original recipes Recipes deicate to a given brand are EF Leads a great way to stand out from the competition. Regardless of whether the brand offers food products or household appliances that facilitate the preparation of dishes. The activities are also strengthene by the involvement of a professional cook who, with his knowlege and authority, will positively influence the reception of the activities.

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