Do you know the values ​​that consumers look for in companies with a presence on social networks ? Are you clear about the requirements that your brand must meet to adapt to Social Media ? There is less and less discussion about the importance of companies’ presence on social networks . Tips for Your But do you have to be there, just to be there? Or do it anyway? I believe that it is important and fundamental for the brand to plan its presence on social platforms with defined strategies, specific objectives and a good action plan.

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Be counterproductive for the company. For example, there are companies that begin their adventure in social media (they decide to start with the best-known ones company data and with the most users) by opening a Facebook page (some open user profiles…) and a Twitter account. Only with this they hope to have more followers or improve sales, but soon they realize that no one interacts with their publications and they stop publishing because they believe it is a waste of time, which causes abandoned and forgotten profiles. It is essential that you meet a series of requirements to ensure that your presence in this new medium is a success! It is important that you know what the customer is looking for in your brand. Nowadays the user wants to feel part of a community and looks for a series of social values ​​in companies.

Tips for Your wrong

In these cases Well, these companies do not understand the communication channel they are using. There are brands that have not yet understood that they are no EF Leads longer the sole transmitters of the message. Nowadays, the customer no longer only receives and listens to the message. But also participates, asks, criticizes, recommends and shares the brands’. Content on social networks. That is why it is very important that you plan your brand’s presence on Social Media and that you know which social networks your users are on (perhaps they are not on all or the most important ones) to reach them.

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