One link acquisition strategy we and many. Other agencies deploy for our clients is the use of infographics. Over time. A well designed and promoted infographic will attract many tweets. Facebook likes, diggs, stumbles.+1s, and backlinks which help a sites pages rank higher in the serps.

As an seo I am always looking for ways to repurpose any content. I have to help me acquire more backlinks and more visibility online.This is no different for infographics. In this post, I’d like to discuss a few easy. Ways to repurpose your graphics quickly, distribute them. And acquire some great links to strengthen your backlink portfolio. I will go into each method below.

Turn your graphic into smaller images

As we all know, infographics are large Loan Phone Number List images that contain a lot of information for an individual to digest. One easy way to repurpose your graphic is to chop it up into smaller images that can be shar on sites like flickr, photobucket, smugmug, and many other image sharing sites. Using simple screen capture software like jing, you can take each thought or data point in the graphic and turn them into individual images. Create a profile on the sites mentioned above and drop a link back to your website. Each image uploaded will link back to your main profile, strengthening the link on that page, and some of the sites allow links in the description area on the page the image lives on. You will also be able to use these smaller images in my next example.

Turn your graphic into a power point presentation

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Once you have your individual images created, the next way to repurpose your content is cake. Take those images and create a slide deck in EF Leads Power point adding one image to each slide. In chronological order so that it tells the same story as the graphic. As a whole does. You’ll want to make sure to add context where needed and also brand the slides. With your or your client’s logo. When finished, you can take the finished power point. Presentation and add it to sites like docstoc, slideshare, scribd and others.

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