Rotating lead magnet 2 They even take segmentation a step further by tailoring their lead magnets to specific items within each category. For example, this customer service message has a different lead magnet than the first customer service message mentioned earlier: rotating lead magnet 3 18. Promote offers on your thank you page When someone downloads a lead magnet or signs up for your mailing list, you should show them a thank you page to show your appreciation. This allows you to build brand loyalty among new subscribers and promote additional products.  Offered by the wall The offer wall displays several offers allowing the audience to choose their own adventure. A great example of an offer wall can be found at the Points Guy Thank You Page . Points Guy thank you page Unique product recommendation.

A single product recommendation

Can be more effective if you want to focus on promoting a specific product or have a more specific audience. A well-done example can be seen at HubSpot’s thank you page hubspot thank you page 19. Use Google Trends to find trending topics. By Denmark Phone Number List using Google Trends to find trending topics, you can be the first to create content on those topics.  In early January, you can check out Google Trends to find out which clubs are popular, create content about them and beat your competition. You might even consider using the Google Trends API to automate the process. Step 1. Go to Google Trends and search for your topic.

Google Trends Step 2

Go to the appropriate query box, sort by “Zoom in to” and view the results. queries related to Google Trends. Here you can see that individual golfers like Centurion Golf Club are popular. While no keyword tool will increase your volume yet, this is a great keyword. To write about to earn commissions over other affiliate marketers. Discover the best tools for your website Download the best WordPress plugins and themes from Envato and easily create EF Leads your website. Already more than 49,720,000 downloads. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATES 20. Target more than just the “best” SEO keywords Targeting the “best” keywords is an essential search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, but it’s not the only type of keyword that has high buyer intent. Seasoned affiliate marketers know that focusing on other types of keywords can also lead to great conversions.

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