Lasso is a complex tool that is beyond the scope of this post to explain all of its capabilities. I recommend reading the Lasso Knowledge Base for more detailed tips. 16. Create a segmented mailing list Why is that? Well, unless your niche is extremely specific, people will have different reasons to visit your site. For example, if you have a personal finance website, some readers may be interested in credit cards, while others may be interested in mortgage or money saving tips. By dividing your mailing list into smaller target groups, you can send personalized messages that resonate with each subscriber. This can improve your statistics of emails and conversion rates. How to segment your mailing list If you already have a list.

You can easily segment it in using tags

Let me show you how. Step 1. Configure A full tutorial is beyond the scope of this article, but you can check out the knowledge base for help. Step 2. Create at least two lead magnets to segment your audience. Step 3. Set to add a tag when someone uploads a lead magnet. For example, if you’re targeting customer service professionals, you’ll apply Canada Phone Number List the “Customer Service” tag to anyone who downloads your customer service lead magnet. mail segmentation Step 4. Send segmented emails letters. When you want to send an email email, you can choose to send it only to people with a specified tag. mail segmentation tags You can also tag people when they open an email. emails or clicks on links in emails in the letters. By sending useful content to your list, you can quickly build smaller but accurate mailing lists for any affiliate offer and target your advertising to people who might be interested.

For example a golf site may send an email

To letter explaining how to protect a luxury watch while playing golf. Then you identify the people who opened this email. email, and you’re promoting a luxury watch sale to them. 17. Create segmented lead magnets Let’s say you’re promoting two different EF Leads affiliate products: one for customer service professionals and one for sales professionals. Instead of using a generic lead magnet, you can create two separate lead magnets that appeal to each audience. Hubspot is a great example of a business that effectively uses segmented lead magnets to cater to different target audiences. In their customer service articles, they offer a customer service-based lead magnet: rotating lead magnet 1 However, in their sales articles.

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