More interesting is the inclusion of ai in graphics software  . A field on which adobe is working . Since may . In the beta version of photoshop  . Which has always anticipated the new features of the official version . The generative fill function was introduced : the possibility of filling a selection with an image obtained from a description. For appropriate modification and personalization of the images of your creative project  . It is necessary to master the tools of the main adobe creative graphics software  . In particular photoshop : during the adobe photoshop courses you learn to use tools and adjustments to create convincing photomontages and to use resources created with ai.


The result of the images is excellent

 Some of the main apps for creating images with ai midjourney is email List probably the best-known app . Usable via discord. The result of the images is excellent  . You can write a prompt  . Upload your own photograph or merge some together. It accepts descriptions in numerous languages . Including italian . And often manages to render images with photographic quality identical to reality. I also easily obtained excellent results in the creation of artistic graphics and i tested the creation of patterns with very pleasant results but without ever obtaining a replicable texture.


The possibility of importing an image

 Ai is also available for android and iphone . It creates images EF Leads with three different styles: artistic . Photographic and illustration. The performance is excellent in the photographic style . Especially in generating people . But is significantly less good in the other two cases. I found it particularly difficult – greater than other platforms – to obtain results faithful to my description. However . The possibility of importing an image to be reprocessed according to a prompt is interesting . The continuously evolving platform now provides the possibility of participating in the creation of new styles via discord.


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