Creating images with artificial intelligence apps: what is the future? Creating images with artificial intelligence apps: what is the future? In this article margherita zavatti . Teacher in the graphic field and interior designer . Explains the potential and uses of the main ai apps for creating images. How artificial intelligence was born to introduce the topic i spoke directly to artificial intelligence. I questioned chatgpt . A popular text generator . About the rise of ai. The answer was rather long and detailed and . After having verified its content . I will summarize it below.

Machines capable of performing

 The term artificial intelligence asia email list appears for the first time in 1956  . In an official document of the dartmouth conference . Where researchers from various disciplines came together to explore the possibility of creating intelligent machines  . That is . Machines capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence . Starting from programs capable of executing logical rules to solve problems . Such as the turing machine . From its birth to the 1970s ai has come to touch on areas such as language processing . Machine learning and to tackle complex tasks .


The advent of big data and the development

 If research had some setbacks in the 1980s and 1990s . Interest EF Leads was reborn at the beginning of the new millennium . The advent of big data and the development of algorithms such as deep learning have revolutionized research and led to notable results in various sectors. In recent years . Artificial intelligence has made great strides in several areas . Including computer vision  . Robotics  . And autonomous vehicles . Siri . Cortana and alexa  . Increasingly present in our daily lives . Are also examples of ai. Using ai apps to create and edit images the photo of the pope in a designer down jacket opened the debate on images generated with the help of artificial intelligence  . As a tool now accessible to anyone.


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