Transforming a raster image (like a photo in jpeg format or a logo in png . For example) into an editable vector (path) is not a risk-free operation however; in fact . The results can vary significantly based on the quality of the starting file  . The presence of grain . Complex and/or shaded backgrounds. Adobe illustrator allows you to vectorize a photo (or raster image) within it without too much difficulty . In some cases . However . It is possible to get help from adobe photoshop to better “prepare” the image for vectorization  . For example . By removing the background and increasing the contrasts to bring out what we would like to vectorize.


Use theinserted-image-menu-options

 How to use image tracking in adobe illustrator africa email list to create paths from an image . The first step is to import the image into illustrator ; use the shortcut cmd+shift+p on mac or ctrl+shift+p on pc to import the image into illustrator. Alternatively . Use theinserted-image-menu-options-illustrator once you have inserted the photo we recommend (if you do not have a very powerful computer) to rasterize the image if it is large in size and with high resolution. Choose 72 ppi as the resolution to make vectorization faster and more efficient (even if less accurate in some situations).


You can always do it before the final

 Rasterize-image-before-vectorizing-in-illustrator now the time EF Leads has come to create paths (vectorized) with the image tracing option found at the top of the options bar. Recalculate-image-in-illustrator-options-bar you will find different image tracing methods  . Such as: sketch . Logo . Line art and photo. Choose the most relevant method . But don’t worry… If you ever change your mind . You can always do it before the final expansion (which you’ll see later). Trace options in illustrator once you have clicked on the tracing method in illustrator you can decide with the modes to have more or less stylized paths  . Keep a two-tone image or with all the colors of the document.


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